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Take control of your micro brewery

Improve and maintain your brewing process with our specifically designed control and monitoring system. Our remote access system allows temperature and control readings to be displayed on a remote computer or mobile phone, allowing you to take control when you are offsite.

We design control systems specifically for our micro brewery clients needs. We thoroughly discuss your needs and requirements and design a full management control system for your setup. No guesswork, no ‘make it fit’ approach. We design a cost effective solution for all budgets and tailor packages to suit your needs.

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Our system allows you to take remote control of your micro brewery

Control capabilities

Fermentation tank temperature control

Hot and cold liquor temperature and level control

Storage vessel control

Liquor flow indicators and flow totalisers

Underback vessel level control Controls and starters for Feed Pumps, Scavenge Pumps, Racking Pumps etc.

Associated plant mounted equipment – RTD and thermocouple temperature probes and associated thermowells 2-way and 3-way control valves for cooling and heating water systems

Gauge and digital type individual temperature and pressure indicators

Liquor flow transmitters and associated isolation/equalising valves

Liquid level transmitters